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HOME Curtain & Blind Furnishings


We are specialized in parquet flooring services work. We do custom made curtain and blind. We do custom Ziptrack…



Started out as a home-based business, SHADEssentials has been providing quality and efficient services to our clients…

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Elevate Your Home with Redbrick Homes' Elegant Curtains and Blinds in Singapore

Step into the world of Redbrick Homes, your gateway to an elevated home aesthetic. These curtains and blinds are meticulously crafted to elevate not just your windows but the entire ambiance of your living space.

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Redbrick Homes understands that the significance of curtains and blinds goes beyond mere functionality; they are pivotal elements in shaping the character and style of your home. We take pride in collaborating with a carefully curated collection from esteemed brands, transcending the traditional perception of window treatments.

Our commitment is to redefine the essence of interior elegance, highlighting the profound impact that the right curtains and blinds can have on your home's overall design and atmosphere.

Discover Distinctive Curtain Designs in Singapore for Your Unique Home

Every home is unique, and so are the designs of your curtains. At Redbrick Homes, we believe that each design can become an expression of your personality and style. We prioritise infusing a personal touch into your living space, and this distinctive curtain and blind collection is meticulously tailored to achieve just that.

In collaboration with esteemed partners like HOME Curtain & Blind Furnishings and SHADEssentials, our offerings not only meet the highest standards but also reflect a harmonious synergy of innovation and style.

These partnerships ensure that we only choose a curated selection from top-tier brands, offering both sophistication and functionality. With the right curtains and blinds, your home becomes a canvas, allowing you to shape its ambience and showcase your distinct style.

Revitalise Your Living Room with Modern Curtains and Blinds

When choosing a curtain and blind for your living room, you may need to decide between ready-made and custom-made curtains and blinds. Redbrick Homes offers you the opportunity to tailor your window treatments to suit your preferences, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

The Allure of Ready-Made Curtains Designs

If you seek convenience without compromising style, the ready-made curtain and blind designs are a perfect choice. These offerings showcase the latest trends, colours, and patterns. Ready-made designs are an ideal solution for those seeking a quick and efficient way to enhance their living room's aesthetic.

The Elegance of Custom-Made Curtains

For a truly bespoke experience, consider the allure of custom-made curtains and blinds. You can tailor your window treatments according to specific colours, patterns, and styles that perfectly align with your living room's theme.

Choosing Curtains and Blinds That Fit Your Style

Whether you opt for the convenience of ready-made designs or the bespoke elegance of custom-made creations, Redbrick Homes guarantees a seamless integration into your living room. We will provide options that align with your preference and fits your style.

Creating Dimension for Your Living Space with Window Curtains and Blinds

Strategically chosen window curtains and blinds contribute to the dimensional quality of your living space. By controlling light and shadow, playing with textures and layers, and influencing height perception, these window treatments add depth and character to the room.

The role of an interior designer is crucial in maximising this impact. They understand your space, guide the selection of appropriate fabrics and styles, and implement strategic arrangements, ensuring a harmonious fusion of style and practicality.

Together, well-curated window treatments and the expertise of an interior designer transform your living space into a multi-dimensional, visually appealing environment.

Get Best Price For Your Curtains and Blinds at Redbrick Homes Singapore Today

Are you planning on getting a new curtain and blind for your home but not sure how to start? Let our team of professional interior designers guide you. You may visit our showroom at 1 Coleman Street,#08-11, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 or contact us at

Elevate your home with the best curtains and blinds, guided by the expertise of Redbrick Homes' interior designers. Book your consultation today and embark on a journey to redefine the aesthetic of your living space.