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Avoid any issues that may become a bigger problem after moving in

Congratulations! You’ve bought the perfect home, found a respected interior designer or contractor to renovate it, and you marvelled at the project’s completion. As your renovation comes to an end, you may think that your homework is done. However, here begins one of the most crucial stages, the home inspection. The home inspection is where you will scrutinize every detail of the renovation project in the presence of your interior designer or contractor. It is an essential step for utmost customer satisfaction.

While admiring your new home or renovation, it is easy to get swept up in the thrill of it all and miss some small but very important details. That’s exactly why it is important to be prepared for the final home inspection with a checklist, detailing everything you need to examine. This list is certainly not exhaustive but will arm you with a list to tackle the most common renovation problems. 

Ultimate Defects Checklist

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The Ultimate BTO, Resale, and Rental Defect Checklist: As Advised by Singapore’s Only RICS Certified Defects Inspection Expert

Checking for defects is an essential step that you cannot miss out on. Many Singaporeans are not familiar with the task of checking for defects, our team at Redbrick Homes consulted Singapore’s only RICS-certified defects inspection company, Absolute Inspection, on what to look out for!

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Ask Us Anything Episode 1: Top 3 Renovation Questions Answered by a Certified Defects Inspector

In this episode of Ask Us Anything, Absolute Inspection, Singapore’s only certified defects company answers our homeowners’ top 3 renovation questions.