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I-Werkz Design

  • 803 King George's Avenue, #02-180, Singapore 200803

Mr. Wee Founder of Wee Mosaic Contractor back in 1973 during that time government introduction of HDB flat was booming among new estate.

Wee Mosaic contractor was specializing in tiling work.

There were many opportunities in the construction industries. Therefore Mr. Wee will ask his son Mr. TP Wee to help out during the school holidays back in late 80’s.

TP Wee had been very hard working at the age of 13 he will spend most of his time helping his father in laying tiles for his project. When he had free time, he will learn other skills like installation and maintenance of water piping. Whenever he is free, he will also help his other business partner in painting and carpentry work.

For the past 30 over years TP Wee had gain experience in the renovation industries with his new concept and leadership Wee Mosaic contractor had transform and change our image to a modern and high-end ID firm in the known industries.

In Aug 2020, I-Werkz Design Pte Ltd was incorporate by his elder son Mr. TP Wee under the influence of his father founder of Wee Mosaic contractor.

Under the new leadership of Mr. TP Wee, A new concept, idealistic and passionate personality interior design firm had setup.

A one stop hassle free experience is what we want our customer to feel like.

We involved in every single stage of our work, making our relationship with our customer a personalize and creating a unique home base on their requirements within their budget.

We pampered our customer with tailored design services to create home that’s truly theirs. Replicate design will not be found in our portfolio. Customer can rest assured that what we design is a novelty.


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