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Livinci Interior Design

  • 291 Changi Road, Singapore 419769

Our Philosophy

Livinci Builders Pte Ltd believes in making the best out of every space we are given at. A successful design not only comes with the entire outlook but it’s everyday usage and purpose. We always look forward to maximising the space planning and the convenience of your everyday usage. Every different type of themed design has its beauty with the great combination of different materials and colours combinations where they all blend into the theme designed for you. We strongly believe communication with our clients works a long way in achieving desired end results and products. Together with service and innovative ideas, we aim to reach all of our client’s expectations.

How Do We Work

1. Understanding Client’s Requirements & Lifestyle

2. Designing Process – space planning, design theme & material selection.

3. Cost Budgeting – working within comfortable spending range.

4. Site Viewing & Inspection – looking out for measurements, on site differences & defects if applicable.

5. 3D Renderings – putting concept plans into 3D drawings for better visualisation.

6. Confirmation On Details – on material selections, carpentry detailed drawings, colours combination & furnishings.

7. Project Management – where we update you the process of your renovation works till completion.


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