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Resistance Pte. Ltd.

  • 105A Arab Street, Singapore 199801

We are a group of old and new school designers who hold firm to our beliefs about honest design. As our brand name “Resistance” so strongly suggests, we resist trends and instead, honour depth in design. Our thought processes are guided by the philosophy of “form follows function”, that while aesthetics matter, design should more importantly serve a purpose or hold a special meaning, instead of being purely ornamental.

In this modern age, we often pursue high quality, pristine and luxurious finishes, usually forgetting about the impermanence of life and of materialism.  We are reminded that instead of replicating and mimicking materials and “looks”, there is value in obtaining materials that age gracefully and beautifully. We believe that materials tell a great deal of stories of spaces. They are indeed the flavour of time and the people who live and breathe them.

And for that, we are all about honesty, functionality, minimalism and unpretentiousness.


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