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20 Stunning Renovation Ideas by Singapore’s Top IDs

Are you thinking of renovating your home? Get inspired by these house renovation ideas from Singapore’s top interior designers.

Scouring the internet for renovation inspiration? Look no further! Our team at Redbrick Homes has reached out to 20 of our most trusted and talented Singapore IDs to compile this varied showcase of interior design ideas to help spark your imagination.

Scroll on to get started!

renovation idea Scandinavian living room dining set
Interior Design Firm: 9 Atelier

20 Stunning House Renovation Ideas

Condominium by 9 Atelier

The love of wood in this stunning modern home is apparent. From beautiful wooden flooring, shelving, and carpentry to wooden elements in the furnishings all around, the natural element shines in each space that it embodies, bringing about a sense of warmth and cosiness in the home.

renovation idea modern minimalist open kitchen with island countertop
Interior Design Firm: 96 Designers Group

HDB Flat by 96 Designers Group

Don’t like the idea of the trendy minimalist palette? Here’s an eclectic mix and match of colours and prints to change things up!

The clever use of subtle textures and designs in the walls and flooring of this home helps to keep things interesting even with an overall blue, brown, and white palette. 

renovation idea pink living room
Interior Design Firm: A Blue Cube Design

3-Room HDB Flat by ABCD

This Tampines flat is a literal modern take on Barbie’s dream house with its soft and dreamy colour aesthetic. 

Pink may reign supreme in this home, but with the smart use of different shades, complementary accent colours, and retro-shapes, it comes across as a very liveable space without feeling overwhelming at all. 

renovation idea modern contemporary black and white living room
Interior Design Firm: Classic Decor

3-Room HDB Flat by Classic Decor

Monochrome lovers anyone? Here’s a Punggol flat that takes the love of monochromatic black and white to the next level. 

While the classic pairing of neutrals like black and white helps to give off a classy impression, there is a sufficient balance of whites and lighting to keep the space still looking airy and bright.

renovation idea modern contemporary black and white living room
Interior Design Firm: Crescendo

HDB Flat by Cresendo

“Less is more” when it comes to this minimalist style flat. 

Clean lines, neutral palettes, and carpentry design that blends in the background while keeping clutter away work well together to give an impression of simplicity and modernity.

renovation idea modern pink dry kitchen island
Interior Design Firm: D'Initial Concept

3-Room Condominium by D’Initial Concept

Love the idea of a white-dominated interior, but want to add a little character to the space?

The trinity of white, blush, and bronze tones gives this home the perfect feminine touch with a hint of old-school Hollywood glamour.

renovation idea Scandinavian dry kitchen island dining set
Interior Design Firm: De Exclusive

HDB Flat by De Exclusive

Wood and white interiors are incredibly popular these days amongst Singaporean homeowners. 

This home shows yet another way to incorporate this palette with your own twist –opting for an all-white flooring and complementing it with varying textures of wooden elements in furnishings and even skirting along the walls.

renovation idea modern minimalistic Scandinavian living room bright
Interior Design Firm: Design 4 Space

5-Room HDB Flat by Design 4 Space

Entering this Hougang flat gives major throwback vibes to the 70s and 80s thanks to its thoughtful use of nostalgic wooden furnishings, lighting accessories, and floral accents all around.

renovation idea Scandinavian living room warm and cosy
Interior Design Firm: E&S

3-Room HDB Flat by E&S

This Scandinavian-styled flat in Dawson Road utilizes smartly hidden away warm atmospheric lighting to bring out the cosy ambience in the home.

Not only that but there is also plenty of storage space to keep clutter away from the main living area while having enough showcase space for personal effects and items.

renovation idea Scandinavian living room dining set
Interior Design Firm: Eight Design

3-Room HDB Flat by Eight Design

This modern Bidadari home takes plenty of aesthetic inspiration from Nordic influences. From its simple palette of white, wood, and greys, minimalist interior, hints of nature, to its use of textures and patterns, and simple yet functional furnishings, it is the perfect Nordic home.

renovation idea modern luxury living room
Interior Design Firm: Ethan Interior

4-Room HDB Flat by Ethan Interior

Want a way to incorporate modern luxury into your home? Here’s a Choa Chu Kang home that has managed to do so with subtle design elements that are not overtly in your face.

From black mirrored feature wall behind the dining area, subtle gold, and metallic accents in furnishings, to plush upholstery, the home gives off hints of elegance and indulgence without being too overwhelming.

renovation idea Scandinavian living room dining set
Interior Design Firm: IdeasXchange

3-Room Condominium by IdeasXchange

Navy and gold may be traditional royal colours, but this HDB flat gives off a much more contemporary and relaxed vibe with its modern spin on this colour palette.

Pairing the navy and gold with more modern and casual materials like metals in the kitchen and dark wood in the living area gives it a modern chic look.

renovation idea modern living room dining set
Interior Design Firm: Kee Onn Renovation

Condominium by Kee Onn Renovation

Have a uniquely shaped layout in your home? This home in Serangoon shows how you can utilize oddly shaped corners to their full potential.

With the help of a standalone island, the living and dining area is clearly demarcated within this cosy nook of the flat with still a sense of spaciousness.

renovation idea modern minimalistic living room
Interior Design Firm: Lada Studio

Condominium by Lada Studio

In this particular residence, the seaside view is a focal point, and that is why the interior is purposefully kept minimalistic to draw the attention right to the view.

Keeping to a simple yet elegant palette of greys and white with earthy and metallic accents, the space exudes a sense of understated luxury.

renovation idea minimalistic kids bedroom
Interior Design Firm: My Reno Diary

3-Room Condominium by My Reno Diary

Minimalist interiors are normally not what comes to mind when you envision a child’s bedroom. 

Keeping to a simple monochromatic palette of white accented by black and greys allows everything to look much less cluttered instantly, but kid-themed furnishings help to remind us that this is still very much the space of a child!

renovation idea modern living room
Interior Design Firm: AvantGarde Collections

HDB Flat by AvantGarde Collections

This well-thought-out home design takes the phrase “maximizing living space” to the next level, by incorporating a study area and dining space all within the living room area.

Don’t have enough floor space at home? Take a cue from this design to start thinking about how to incorporate all your needs within one area.

renovation idea modern luxury living room bright
Interior Design Firm: Silvotino

HDB Flat by Silvotino

At a glance, this Simei flat exudes a sense of modern sophistication and luxury, thanks to its clever choice of neutral colour palettes, minimalist design, and plush furnishings.

Not to forget, the use of the balcony for an extra alfresco dining space also maximizes the utility of the rest of the space in the flat.

renovation idea modern bedroom study
Interior Design Firm: Spacebox IDesign

HDB Flat by Spacebox IDesign

Like the idea of incorporating colours into your bedroom without it being too overly stimulating?

This bedroom does it just right with the clever use of pastel colours for a soothing ambience that is needed for a good night’s rest.

renovation idea modern minimalist bedroom study
Interior Design Firm: Triz Arte

2-Room Condominium by Triz Arte

This bedroom at One Shenton looks incredibly inviting with its calming interior. Its perfect combination of warm woody finishes across its carpentry and flooring with its creamy neutral palette of plush soft furnishings as seen in its headboards, chair, and curtains make it the perfect sanctuary for rest.

renovation idea luxury living room paintings plants bright
Interior Design Firm: YWA Interior

2-Room Condominium by YWA Interior

Simple, modern, opulent is what comes to mind when looking at this living space at 8 St Thomas. 

With a striking marble feature wall that is the focal point of the living room, the rest of the furnishings blend harmoniously together without fighting for attention.

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