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5 Concepts For Your Next Kitchen Remodeling

Since the Circuit Breaker, more families in Singapore are cooking at home and spending more time in the kitchen. Cooking is a family-bonding activity that brings you and your loved ones together. Since you’ll be spending more time in the kitchen, why not remodel it and inject it with a fresh dose of energy and personality?

Discover these stylish contemporary kitchens and find ideas to give your own space a modern refresh. Let’s uncover 5 unique kitchen design ideas for HDB and condominiums of all types!

Source: Dreamworks Concept

Who says you have to forego aesthetics for functionality? When it comes to creating a Scandinavian-inspired cooking space, layering on accents of warm wood, paint colours in pale hues, and a minimalist yet textured backsplash create a clean and fresh look for your kitchen.

Source: Ngieng Spatial Design

If you’re looking for subtle and simplicity, here’s a look for you. Marble is a texture associated with elegance, class, and timelessness. It can add a stunning contrast to dark cabinets and provide even more light to a contemporary, all-white kitchen.

Adopting a galley layout offers an illusion of more space as you incorporate your workspace in parallel runs and minimises clean-up and cooking time.

Source: Interiorist

While white kitchen cabinets are classic, we’re ready for something a little moodier: black kitchen cabinets. Opt for high-quality gloss, as light will be reflected into the space making your kitchen appear larger and brighter. It adds a fine touch of class, elegance and prestige to your kitchen. With a matching marble kitchen island, you can create more space for seating or laying down cooked items and even double it into a workstation!

Source: Mo Spatium

The choice of a natural oak barn door cabinets lets you pick and choose what you’d like to display or hide. It also brings a rustic touch to your home and makes your kitchen more fascinating.

Having an integrated look with cabinets and appliances all blending together makes a kitchen feel more like a cosy room.

Source: Ovon Design

Give your kitchen character and style, by running a single tile pattern from floor to wall or mix it up with two different patterns. The tile backsplash certainly injects an extra pop of personality into this kitchen. Here’s a fun fact – hexagon tiles are often used on kitchen floors because these honeycomb tiles are durable, water-resistant and especially cool.

Feeling Inspired?

There is a multitude of kitchen designs, great variation in materials, shapes, colour combinations, and trendy innovative design insertions you can choose from to create your unique kitchen project.

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