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8 Simple Yet Cosy Bedroom Interior Design Ideas for Singaporean Homeowners on A Budget

The bedroom is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in the home. Just consider how much time you spend in your bedroom on any given day, chilling after a long day of work, and getting your beauty sleep. 

Working on a tight renovation budget but still want to make sure your bedroom interior design is not overlooked? Our team at Redbrick Homes has reached out to our pool of talented Singapore interior designers for some much-needed inspiration on how you can get the cosy bedroom of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Read on to see how these IDs made it work for homeowners with an overall home renovation budget between $50,000 – $80,000.

Interior Design Firm: Woodrcraft Interior Design

Woodcraft Interior Design – McNair Road ($55K)

Keeping things simple with a wooden and white theme, this bedroom interior design relies on subtle design elements to create an uncluttered and cosy space.

With an overhanging shelf, the designer helps to save precious legroom in the bedroom, while providing useful storage and display space.

For creating the perfect ambience in the bedroom, there are tall windows that flood the room with natural light perfect for getting work done during the day, and recessed cove lighting that provides a softer ambience during the night for relaxation. 

No space for a separate study in your home? Consider a similar design that allows you to incorporate a distinct work area to the corner of the room. How easy and convenient especially in today’s work from home era. 

Interior Design Firm: Brickwood Design

Brickwood Design – Fernvale Link ($60K)

Going for luxurious hotel vibes but on a budget? This bedroom design is definitely going onto your Pinterest mood board!

A neutral palette of greys, whites and dark wood is perfect for setting the tone in a modern minimalistic luxury bedroom. The textured raw charcoal-grey feature wall, complementary grey headboards, and matching plush grey bedframes, work well with each other to create a sense of comfort and relaxation in the space.

To keep the space from feeling too impersonal, the designer does not forget to add in some interesting design elements. For instance, the terrazzo stone side tables add a pop of whimsy and subtle colour, and the recessed lighting behind the bed helps to set the mood for a relaxing nightcap. 

Interior Design Firm: Home Design Studio

Home Design Studio – Edgefield Plains ($60K)

Looking for a clean and uncluttered design suitable for a bedroom for one? Look no further, as this design encapsulates everything you could want.

Incorporating the homeowner’s need for a dual-function room, the design splits the room neatly into two – a rest area and a work and study space. 

To maximize storage space within a small space, smart storage solutions like storage under the bed frame, side tables, and overhanging storages cabinets are all incorporated into the design to help keep clutter away and the space tidy.

Interior Design Firm: Eight Design

Eight Design – Bidadari Park ($70K)

If you are a fan of the simple and basic Muji aesthetic, here’s a bedroom design that is right up your alley.

Drawing inspiration from the signature Muji style, neutral earthy colours (e.g., white, cream, greens, and wood) and natural materials like wood and linen feature heavily in this design to achieve a calming and even meditative feel to the space.

The design is deliberately minimal, focusing only on two functional areas, the platform bed, and the wide and spacious storage cabinet.

Interior Design Firm: Design 4 Space

Design 4 Space – Draycott Eight ($65K)

If you are planning for a soothing and serene space, an all-white palette is definitely something you can consider. There is just something about a white bedroom that just evokes serenity and a sense of comfort, much like the experience of sleeping amongst the clouds. 

To keep the room from looking too flat, you can easily do what this designer did – adding in some brass elements via the hanging light fixtures and warm wooden flooring instantly warms up the space and even adds a touch of elegance to the modernity.

Interior Design Firm: Divine & Glitz

Divine & Glitz – The Azure ($63K)

Interested in a space-saving yet creative bedroom interior idea design? Here’s one that draws inspiration from lofts that instantly elevates the room – both literally and figuratively.

This loft-inspired bedroom design draws a clear demarcation between your sleeping area and workspace. 

In need of some rest? Simply head up the stairs that give way to a comfy bed that rests atop the platform. Need to get work done? Head down the stairs to a cosy workspace complete with a full work desk and storage space to boot.

Interior Design Firm: Orange Interior

Orange Interior – Redhill ($80K)

Finding it a challenge to design a modern bedroom for two young adults sharing a room? Here’s a simple and functional shared bedroom design that can easily accommodate two without them infringing too much on each other’s personal space.

In a room shared by two, having sufficient storage is key. This is why this design incorporates smart storage design in the form of overhanging shelving, under the bed frame storage, a wall-mounted study/work desk, and even a large wardrobe in the middle that helps to demarcate each individual’s private space.

Interior Design Firm: The Real Design

The Real Design – Bukit Timah Road ($80K)

When it comes to simple bedrooms, this is as simple as it gets. The focus of the room is rightfully the bed, as it should be, considering that this is a space for relaxation. 

A custom bed frame, headboard, and side table have been constructed for the plush king-size bed that is the focal point of the room. 

Subtle recessed lighting in the back of the headboard, cove ceiling, and under the bedframe adds to the soothing or even romantic atmosphere at night.

Interested in More Simple Yet Cosy Bedroom Interior Design Ideas?

Keen on finding a simple and cosy bedroom interior design that is also economical? 

Fret no more! Take advantage of IDMate, Redbrick Home’s algorithm-powered matchmaker today to find one of our talented IDs who can help you design one within your budget today!

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