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Top 10 Trusted Interior Design Singapore Firms To Work With In 2022 by Redbrick Homes

To help you find the best interior design companies to work with, we have compiled a list of the top 10 ID Companies in Singapore. Explore the services that each of these interior designers offers.

Doing your research on interior designers in Singapore and finding yourself overwhelmed by the number of options or horror stories of untrustworthy interior designers?

Well, you’re in luck! To help homeowners like yourself minimise the time spent on this tiring research process, the team at Redbrick Homes has put together a list of Singapore’s top 10 trusted interior designs firms based on their credentials, customer reviews among other factors.

Scroll down to learn more about what each of these interior design firms can offer you.

Interior Design Firm: Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

Top 10 Interior Design Companies List in Singapore

Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

With almost 2 decades of experience in interior design and project management for residential homes in Singapore, clients can rest assured that their home renovation project is in good hands.

Helmed by a team of expert design consultants with years of interior design expertise, Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle is the choice for clients looking for:

  • Patient and friendly consultants who spend time to understand your design needs 
  • Customised and practical design advice and suggestions based on their experience
  • Quality workmanship that does not disappoint

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Interior Design Firm: Design 4 Space

Design 4 Space

Previously known as Ritz’s Décor, Design 4 Space has grown over the years – from a small team to a full-fledged interior design firm with 4 showrooms and a growing team of more than 50 talented consultants and designers.

With 1,000+ projects completed to their customer’s satisfaction and delight, Design 4 Space is ever ready to create yet another dream home for their next client.

Ideal for homeowners looking for:

  • Creative yet practical solutions for the home
  • A responsive and communicative team at every step of the journey

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Interior Design Firm: Design Style

Design Style

Founded in 2009, Design Style Studio prides themselves on their expertise in space planning for both their residential and commercial clientele.

With a strong focus on customer centricity, the Design Style Studio team is all about offering practical design ideas and insights based on the customer’s needs and budget.

Great for homeowners looking for:

  • A professional team that ensures the renovation project is well planned and followed through
  • Prompt and efficient service from design to post-renovation support

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Interior Design Firm: Diva's Interior

Diva’s Interior

A contemporary interior design firm established in 2014, Diva’s Interior is here to offer homeowners and commercial spaces a refreshing spin on interior design ideas and high-quality design services. 

An expert at balancing practicality and design aesthetics, Diva’s Interior is the perfect choice to help you translate your vision into reality.

Ideal for homeowners looking for: 

  • Responsive, patient, and responsible coordinators who are there to guide and assist you during the process
  • A firm that takes pride in their quality and workmanship for every project

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Interior Design Firm: Ideasxchange


An interior design firm that bucks normal design convention, the team of talented designers at Ideasxchange are always challenging the status quo and trends to develop ideal living spaces that are customised to the client’s lifestyle needs, space efficiency, and not forgetting style.

With a strong belief that every design should be unique to the customer, clients can expect a fully personalised renovation journey unlike any other.

Great for clients looking for:

  • Professional design experts who can transform your vision into reality with practical considerations of utility and your taste and lifestyle needs
  • A responsive and dedicated team who is there for you every step of the journey
  • Excellent workmanship 

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Interior Design Firm: Interior Times Design

Interior Times Design

An award-winning interior design firm that seeks to redefine your renovation experience.  

Having worked with leading developers in the luxury housing sector as well as private homeowners, there is no job too big or small for Interior Times Design to showcase their design finesse.

Ideal for clients looking for:

  • Impressive design concepts and quality workmanship
  • A transparent and flexible interior design partner who can work within your budget to achieve your dream concept
  • A responsive and dedicated project manager who provides periodical status updates for peace of mind

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Interior Design Firm: MyDESiGN Interiors

MyDESiGN Interiors

The talented team of designers at MyDESiGN Interiors takes pride in working hand in hand with each client to turn their dream home into a reality. 

With their meticulous attention to detail, intuitive understanding of homeowner’s needs based on experience, and talent in balancing functionality and aesthetics, MyDESiGN Interiors has helped many Singaporean homeowners create their dream homes.

A wonderful choice for homeowners looking for:

  • A hardworking and competent project team who are experts in managing timelines
  • Talented designers who work tirelessly to achieve your dream concept
Interior Design Firm: Ovon Design

Ovon Design

Driven by a young team unified by a deep love for the art and craft of design, Ovon Design is the ideal creative counterpart for homeowners looking to overcome space constraints and create their dream homes.

Their belief? Whether it is a space to live, work, learn or play and whatever the budget and however big one’s dreams are, they will make them happen.

Perfect for clients looking for:

  • An honest and professional partner for a fuss-free and creative process
  • Helpful, responsive and friendly consultants with a commendable work ethic
Top 10 Trusted Interior Design Companies in Singapore
Interior Design Firm: Raffles Design

Raffles Design

A highly experienced team with more than 15 years of experience in developing designs that are intimately personalised for their clients’ needs. 

From high-level concept building to the nitty-gritty of implementation and execution, the team is committed to delivering customised solutions at every stage. 

Great for clients looking for:

  • Valuable customised design insights and advice based on specific lifestyle needs
  • An experienced team of experts who are able to guide you through every step of the renovation journey

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Interior Design Firm: The Interior Lab

The Interior Lab

An interior design firm with a reputation for innovative home design solutions, top-in-class workmanship, and a commitment to providing a fuss-free renovation journey for their clients.

Striving to provide the highest standards in design, quality as well as service, The Interior Lab is the dream partner for homeowners looking for:

  • A professional and experienced team for a smooth renovation process
  • Customised interiors that suit specific lifestyle preferences 

Check out more reviews here.

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