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8 Home Improvement Tips to Help Increase Your Home Value

The work of a homeowner never ends. Homeowners are always busy with projects, whether repairs need to be made or it’s time to spruce up. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the 8 best home improvement tips and ideas to increase the value of your home.

Whether you are buying an investment property, doing up your very first home, or simply looking to sell your current property for your next home, one thing is certain – property owners are always on the lookout for ways to help increase their properties’ resale value.

For existing homeowners, while there are a ton of home improvement ideas available, not all come with a reasonable return on investment for the time and effort required. For new homeowners, it makes sense to consider the impact on the home value before you make your renovation plans!

Now, before you waste more time on unnecessary home improvement projects, stop, and read this article to learn about 8 simple and high ROI home improvement projects (that any HDB licensed contractor can help with) that can not only increase your home’s value but also value-add to your stay at home!

Read on to learn more.

Best Home Improvement Tips and Ideas

Repaint With Neutral Colours

The state of walls and ceilings make a huge first impression when a buyer steps into the home – and that means gaudy colours, feature walls, and outdated wallpapers all need to go.

When it comes to staging a home for sale, having everything reset to neutral is always a good idea. Neutral colours function like a blank canvas, allowing the buyers to imagine their designs in the space. 

When in doubt, just go with a fresh coat of white paint on the ceilings and walls for a brighter and airier space – that is always a winner!

Patch and Polish Existing Flooring

After the walls and ceilings, the flooring is the most apparent feature of the home when anyone first enters. 

A bad impression can most definitely impact a potential offer, so you want to make sure you make the necessary improvements to it:

  • For hardwood floors, you may want to consider polishing to make them shine.
  • For laminate, vinyl, or tiled flooring, make sure to check for damages and make repairs or touch-ups where necessary.
  • For serious cases, perhaps you might want to consider overlaying a fresh layer of flooring (consider more affordable alternatives like vinyl) for an instant makeover.
Home Improvement Tips to Help Increase Your Home Value
Interior Design Firm: Extrarc Design

Fix All Visible Defects

Nothing makes a buyer more apprehensive about a purchase than visible wear and tear in the house, so make sure you do a quick inventory of all the defects and get about fixing them all.

From replacing broken door handles, patching up holes in the walls, to changing spoiled light bulbs, making sure everything looks in order can reassure the buyer that they are getting a good deal.

Home Improvement Tips to Help Increase Your Home Value
Interior Design Firm: Raffles Design

Simple Bathroom Updates

Many people are picky about bathrooms, and that’s why a run-down bathroom could severely impact your resale value. 

The good news is even without a major overhaul, you are probably able to make it more appealing to potential buyers with these simple upgrades:

  • Replace the most run-down fixtures – like sinks, showers, toilet bowls, storage cabinets, shower curtains if any.
  • Repaint old piping for a fresh look.
  • If retiling is out of budget, consider waterproof wallpapers to give it a new look.
  • Add modern lighting.
  • Replace overused mirrors.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Apart from bathrooms, the next essential space in the home that is important to many homeowners is the kitchen. So, ensuring that your kitchen looks ship-shape and in functional order is key to asking for a higher resale price.

Not keen on major kitchen renovations? Don’t worry, here are some smaller-scale enhancement projects that will not break the bank:

  • Replacing worn-out or stained backsplashes.
  • Replace damaged laminate on cabinets or storage shelves.
  • Increase storage spaces.
  • Wallpaper or repaint stained walls.
  • Swap out old and damaged equipment for new ones – gives a better overall look (and you can bring them over to your new place!). 
  • Clear out the countertops – don’t leave clutter anywhere.
8 Home Improvement Tips & Ideas to Help Increase Your Home Value
Interior Design Firm: Image Creative

Smart Home Technology

With more households looking to make their homes a smart home, having already in-built smart home systems will definitely help your home command a resale premium.

Here are some smart home technology and gadget staples that are increasingly popular in Singaporean households for your consideration:

  • Water filtration devices or purifiers. 
  • Smart digital locks.
  • Smart lighting systems.
  • Smart plugs that allow you to control devices from your mobile.
  • And many more.

Keen on upgrading your home with some smart home technology? Don’t forget to check out our great deals in our Redbrick Homes Voucher Kit with partners like CUCKOO (water and air filtration) and Hafele and Liminal (smart digital locks).

Check out our Redbrick Homes partner deals with Home Curtain & Blind Furnishing!

Privacy Blinds 

Living in flats and apartments that are usually in extremely close quarters to our neighbours usually means not much privacy for households. 

As such, flats that have windows facing opposite blocks typically do not do so well in terms of resale value. And that’s where simple solutions like installing privacy blinds that allow you to adjust visibility on demand are great to help allay the concerns of potential buyers.

Interior Design Firm: Resistance Pte Ltd
Interior Design Firm: Resistance Pte Ltd

Safety Grilles

With more residential buildings getting taller over time, safety concerns are real – particularly for families with kids and pets

Most default windows and balconies in modern flats no longer come with safety grilles, and that could be a concern for potential buyers. If it is relevant for your household, having aesthetic safety grilles in place is definitely an added bonus for a family with small kids or a fur-parent looking for their new home.

Increase Your Home Value Today!

Don’t wait until you are selling your home to make these changes. Start now so you can not only enjoy the comfort it adds to your stay at home in the meantime but also reap the benefits of a better selling price in the future.

Just make sure you consider and prioritize to focus on the most essential works that can give you a better home value in the future!

Don’t want to go the DIY route with these home renovation projects? Find a trusted professional with IDMate, our all-new algorithm-powered matchmaker for new homeowners and interior designers in Singapore, and get started on a fuss-free journey to improve your home value.

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