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Before, During & After: Things to Expect for Your Home Renovation

Looking to embark on your first-ever home renovation project and feeling hesitant about your next steps? Not to worry, our helpful team at Redbrick Homes has put together a useful guide to help you navigate the perils and uncertainty of the adulting challenge that is home renovations.

Read on to learn more!

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Before Home Renovations

Find a Reliable ID

The very first step to a successful home renovation is finding the right professionals to help you create your dream home. Especially for first-time homeowners who are clueless about what to look out for when designing a home, having a trustworthy expert is key to avoiding fundamental design mistakes.

Worried about the trend in CASE complaints against renovation companies and wrecking your head wondering how to find a reliable ID? 

  • Get referrals from your close family and friends who have had good experiences with their IDs
  • Alternatively, use trusted platforms like Redbrick Homes to search from a pool of pre-curated list of professional ID firms in Singapore

Learn to Read a Floor Plan

When it comes to any home renovation projects, floor plans are critical in helping to provide a clear way to visualize how the space will come together.

Even though you’ll be hiring an ID, who essentially takes on the job of designing the home on your behalf, knowing how to read the floor plan will help you immensely in communicating any design ideas you may have to your ID.

Tip: If you have a design in mind, you would be able to identify any potential limitations (e.g., certain walls are not able to be hacked away) based on your floor plan. You could use this as a starting point to help filter out potential IDs based on the advice they provide during your meetups.

Apply For Permit

Once you’ve settled on an ID, the next step would be to quickly apply for a permit. No renovation work is allowed to start until you have received it – so you can see how important it is!

Average Permit Processing Times:

The good news if you are working with experienced ID instead of managing the project on your own? They will know to kickstart the process and perhaps even be able to help expedite it to save you some time!

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During Home Renovations

Expect Renovation Delays

If you had any friends or family undergoing home renovations during the pandemic, you will inevitably have heard of their nightmare experiences. The massive labour shortage and global supply chain delays combined, resulted in many projects being delayed and even coming to a stop altogether. 

Now with the reopening of borders with Malaysia, things may seem like it is looking up, but before you get unrealistic about timelines, here are some things to consider.

  • With so much backlog to be cleared priority will be given to existing projects
  • The material supply chain issues are still ongoing so expect some delays if you are sourcing materials from abroad

On the bright side, if you are engaging an experienced ID, they may have a better network of subcontractors and material suppliers that they can tap on to help minimize the delay in the schedule.

Interior Design Firm: Dezign121

Be Proactive During Renovation

One of the ways to help move the schedule along is to be proactive in providing timely feedback and responses to your ID during the renovation process.

While an ID will help to project manage on your behalf, you are ultimately the most important stakeholder of the project and will need to provide necessary signoffs to move on to the next stage.

Tip: It is recommended to visit the site at least once a week or have check-ins with your ID to check on the progress and flag any discrepancies or concerns quickly.

Interior Design Firm: FloorXcraft

After Home Renovations

Correcting Renovation Mistakes

Before you sign off and make your final payment, make sure you go through all the work done and have any potential defects (e.g.. misaligned cabinet doors) or mistakes corrected.

Trust us when we say you don’t want to end up with defects after you have made all your payments.

So how can you make sure you have checked your place thoroughly before signing off? Here are two ways to go about it:

Prefer to engage a professional? Check out our trusted partner Absolute Inspection and redeem up to 30% off!

Furnish Your Home

Now that renovations are complete, it’s time for you to start furnishing the place to make your house a home for a final touch!

Tip: Make sure to time your furniture deliveries post-renovation completion to avoid them getting damaged by debris or dirtied by dust during the renovation process.

Interior Design Firm: The Metis Designers

Common Renovation Mistakes & Tips to Avoid Them

  • Allocating too little budget – Develop your budget bottom-up and allocate some buffer to accommodate changes to the plan down the road.
  • Focusing on looks instead of functionality – While certain designs look good, it may not be easy for people of certain lifestyles to maintain. For instance, all-white interiors with children sound like a nightmare.
  • Not communicating well with your ID – Always be honest and upfront about your feedback, and set expectations early on in the relationship to avoid misunderstandings during the project.
  • Leaving your furniture and appliance shopping to the very end – You want to consult with your ID at an early stage so that they can work in the relevant dimensions for t
Interior Design Firm: Charis Construction

Find Your Trusted ID to Help You on Your Renovation Journey Today

As you can see, a successful renovation project is no piece of cake. It takes a lot of time and careful planning to ensure that everything falls into place.

Don’t want to bother yourself with the nitty-gritty of planning? Head over to IDMate to get matched with one of many trusted Singapore IDs who’ll guide you along the journey step by step.

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