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Dream of Having a Sinfully Stylish Bar at Home? Now You Can!

Love the idea of having your very own bar counter at home where you can impress guests with a fancy cocktail or two? Keen on having a special corner at home where you can unwind with a relaxing glass of wine after a hard day’s work?

Before you say, “that wouldn’t work in a small HDB flat like mine”, let us share some practical yet stunningly stylish bar design concepts that fellow Singaporean homeowners have successfully incorporated into their homes. 

Interior Design Firm: Divine & Glitz

Overhead Shelving

Not enough floor space in your home? Well, that shouldn’t stop you. In this case, overhead shelving was the solution to creating that extra space to store as well as showcase the beverages and glassware in this open-concept bar counter slash kitchen island.

Not only does it provide a unique focal point in the house, but it also serves as an interesting visual element by putting the homeowner’s sparkling glassware on full display.

For maximum functionality, an induction stove is incorporated instead of a typical hood and hob. So definitely something to consider if you are considering this option for your home too!

Interior Design Firm: Space Alchemy

Sharing The Kitchen Counter

With all the luxe and swanky bar vibes that this mini-home bar is giving off, did you even notice that it is also doubling up as a kitchen countertop?

For homeowners who are considering an open kitchen concept, this mini-bar concept is easily achievable – with the simple placement of chic high bar stools on the side of the living space.

In this configuration, the convenient under-counter storage space also works out well to help keep away any glassware or bottles not currently in use for a clean and neat display.

With the right dim lighting and lounge music to set the mood, you will feel as though you have been transported to a bar – all whilst in the comfort of your very own home.

Interior Design Firm: Studio Two
Interior Design Firm: Studio Two

Triple Duty Minimalist Home Bar

Wondering if you can even incorporate a minibar with a minimalist Scandinavian concept? Why of course!

Keeping the minimalist vibes in mind, the idea is not to build additional structures but to work on creating more functions for existing parts of the layout.

In this Scandinavian-inspired home, the homeowners have opted for a compact bar area which is also their dining table as well as a kitchen countertop. How’s that for triple duty?

Adding two pendant lights just above also helps to create a nice ambience, particularly at night, to add to the mood of chilling out by the bar. 

Set Up a Bar Counter in The Comfort of Your Own Home Too!

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