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Quick Crash Course: Which Interior Design Style is Right for You?

“Do you have a preferred interior design style? How would you like your home to look?” These are but some of the most common questions you will face when meeting your shortlisted interior designers for the first time.

Why is it important to identify a preferred interior design style? It is but a quick and simple way for your interior designers to understand what design preferences you love or simply cannot stand and be able to come up with a concept for your personal space.

Don’t know much about the classic or popular interior design styles to begin with? Not to worry, that’s what this article is for – to introduce a variety of styles ranging from simple interiors to the downright opulent.

Don’t forget to take notes to share with your interior designer!

Interior Design Firm: Omni Design


Not to be confused with the recently popular Scandinavian style, minimalist interior design, inspired by Japanese design sensibilities, is all about keeping the interiors simple, pared back to the bare essentials, and uncluttered by stuff. 

Aesthetic restraint in a minimalist interior is seen in the choice of simple design elements like:

  • Monochromatic color palettes
  • Open floor plan 
  • Well-lit space
  • Essential furniture that is purposeful in both form and function
  • Minimal ornamentation or decoration
Interior Design Firm: Spacebox IDesign


An offshoot of minimalist design that has had a resurgence in popularity in Singaporean homes in recent years, the Scandinavian interior design style is the perfect blend of minimalist design with a warm and homely touch.

Compared to the focus on bare essentials in a minimalist interior, a Scandinavian interior is focused on the philosophy of “hygge” – which loosely translated means creating a space that is cozy and warm to focus on the quality experiences with friends and family.

Some characteristic elements of Scandinavian interior design include:

  • Warm natural materials – like natural textured textiles 
  • Light wood accents and finishes
  • Incorporating nature-inspired elements – from fresh blooms to plants and more
  • Neutral color palette – while white is a dominant color it is often accompanied by a variety of complementary muted tones.
Interior Design Firm: Home Design Studio


Don’t like to be tied down to any particular style? Well, that’s an eclectic interior design for you! A style that involves cleverly incorporates a combination of carefully curated furnishings and décor from a wide variety of styles without anything looking out of place.

This is a style that needs a huge amount of thought and planning behind it to ensure a perfect balance of all the styles – so make sure you think it through before committing to this!

Here are some common characteristics you might expect in an eclectically styled interior:

  • Patterns galore – but that is not to say go crazy with all kinds of patterns. Keep a core color palette in mind and stick to it.
  • Explore contrasting textures – so that everything is not just bland and blah.
  • A gallery wall – a distinctive focal point that allows you to introduce your personality through your art on the walls
  • Mixing and matching furniture styles 


Missing the resort vibes from Bali? Now there is a way to bring the resort into your home. Balinese-inspired spaces have been increasingly popular, thanks to the all-time fascination with the beautiful exotic island of Bali.

An interior design style that draws its inspiration from the island’s rich flora and fauna and spiritual connection to nature, Balinese interior design is all about bringing elements from nature into your home.

Need some inspiration? Here are some elements that are part and parcel of any Balinese-inspired interior:

  • Solid wood furniture accented with bamboo and cane for that natural finish
  • Patterned rugs and throws for a touch of homeliness
  • Hand-crafted home accessories made of rattan, bamboo, or other natural materials for that added earthy hue
  • Lots of botanical elements to bring nature into the home
  • Spiritual figures as decorative ornaments – usually in gold, brass, or wood


Prefer a style that is not so polished, a little more raw with urban character? You could be looking at a modern industrial interior design.

Inspired by industrial spaces like factories and warehouses, the industrial interior design is a distinct style that is characterized by a few strong design elements:

  • Exposed brick walls for a raw and unfinished look
  • Open layouts reminiscent of these large industrial spaces
  • A strong combination of wood and metal in furnishing or architectural elements
  • Exposed piping, beams, and even “electrical wiring” to complete the unfinished vibe
Interior Design Firm: Apex Studios


Glamorous interior design is all about the sparkle and shine that is reminiscent of Hollywood glamour and lavish homes of the stars.

Keen to capture some of that magic in your very own home? Here’s are some key design elements that are characteristic of any glamorous home:

  • A predominantly white and pastel palette with gold-metallic accents for a touch of sophistication
  • Luxurious materials – from marble walls to velvet and suede upholstery, faux fur throws and crystal lighting, luxurious materials are a must to complete the look
  • Incorporate statement pieces of furniture for a distinct focal point for each room


Keen on a simple interior that is also subtly sophisticated, much like an art gallery that you can live in? That’s the contemporary style for you!

Ready to create a subtle yet stunning contemporary space in your home? Don’t forget to take note of these characteristic design elements:

  • Minimal clutter – choose your ornaments carefully to avoid clutter
  • Features simple geometric forms – choose contemporary furniture with clean well-defined shapes and lines with minimal details
  • A neutral color palette – white, greys, blacks, and tan are popular colors for this style
  • Metal, stone, or glass accents are also commonly used to complement the overall look

Create Your Dream Home in Your Preferred Interior Design Style Today!

Understand your interior design preferences after going through the variety of styles? Don’t forget to let your interior designer know your preference so they have a better idea of what you are looking for!

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