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5 Most Popular Interior Design Styles That Young Singaporean Couples Love

Waiting for your keys to your long-awaited BTO or resale flat? For many young Singaporean couples, getting their very first matrimonial home together is a huge milestone – both symbolically and financially. 

As a first-time homeowner, if you are wondering what you can do to make your house a home, you are not alone! 

These days, younger homeowners are all about injecting their identities and personalities into their homes, opting for modern styles of interior design compared to boring ole’ cookie-cutter designs.

Need some inspiration? Here are 5 of the most popular interior design styles that are trending amongst young Singaporean couples:

Interior Design Firm: AvantGarde Collection


Young couples, unlike their older counterparts, are not afraid to push the boundaries of style to the very cutting edge.

The contemporary interior design style is a hot favourite amongst forward-looking couples who have a flair for timeless, and minimalistic designs.

In this Bedok South home, clean lines, atmospheric lighting, architectural elements, and a neutral palette work together perfectly to create a warm yet sophisticated living space that never goes out of style.

Worried about the space looking too cold? Smart use of textiles, soft furnishings, and artwork can easily help to add personality and bring the space to life.

Interior Design Firm: D’Werks Interior Design

Japandi (A.k.a Japanese – Scandinavian Style)

When it comes to the most popular interior design style amongst Singaporean couples, this has to take the crown!

The Japandi style is a lovingly coined term for the Pinterest-popular style that blends minimalist Japanese interiors with the warmth and cosiness of Scandinavian style interiors.

Wondering how to achieve the signature Japandi look? This home in Jelapang Road hits all the right notes.

From keeping the colour palette neutral, incorporating playful yet simple geometric patterns through the room, keeping the space clutter-free, to focusing on natural materials and fabrics like wood and linen, it is clear that the “less is more” philosophy was at the centre of the design

Interior Design Firm: Homemaker Builder


Inspired by the warehouses and loft apartments of bustling and creative cities of New York and Brooklyn, many couples have sought to bring these cities to life in their own homes!

This home in Joo Chiat literally takes its interior design to the next level with a loft design for the bedroom. With the exposed brick elements and cement flooring for that unfinished and raw feel, to the various black metal elements used in the stairwell, railings, and even wall rods, the industrial vibes are through the roof! 

Now that travel plans are what they use to be, doesn’t a home like this help you to quell that bit of wanderlust by transporting you to another city every day?

Check out more #IndustrialVibes homes here!

Interior Design Firm: The Interior Lab
Interior Design Firm: The Interior Lab

Dark & Moody

When one thinks of interior design, people always tend to think of brightening up the space so that it looks larger. For that reason, many people still hold on to the outdated school of thought that a dark and moody theme is not suitable for homes – until now.

With more young couples open to experimenting with new concepts, the dark & moody interior scheme has caught on! 

Who said black can’t look good or is not practical in a home? Just take a leaf out of this home at Riveria Residence 2. Not only does this all-black and wood home look absolutely stunning and spacious, but it is also perfectly designed to suit the needs of the couple.

Just imagine yourself enjoying Netflix bingeing sessions over the weekend in the comfortable living area, to destressing over a game at the dedicated gaming/workstation after a long night of work. Now doesn’t the dark and moody style seem tempting?

For more tips on how to achieve this look and feel without making your home feel cramped and confined, check out our latest article here!

Interior Design Firm: Brickwood Studio

Bohemian Chic

Last but not least on our list, is the bohemian chic interior. A style that is inspired and named after nomadic artists, it is a style that allows you to embrace the unconventional with carefree choices of patterns, colours, and more.

Unlike most other styles, there are no hard and fast rules. Instead, the bohemian chic aesthetic is all about showcasing your personality and incorporating personal finds in the décor – just like in this home at Fernvale Link.

Choosing a neutral base, the couple was not afraid to incorporate more intense colours and variety through striking pieces of artwork, a dark statement wall right next to a light tiled backdrop, unique lighting fixtures amongst many interesting choices!

Which Home Design Style is The One for You?

Settled on a home design style and excited for your next milestone in creating your dream home? 

Kickstart your journey by using IDMate to get matched with up to 5 talented IDs who can help you design your dream home of your style choice within your budget.

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