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8 Singaporean Homes That Are Totally #IndustrialVibes Inspo

Raw, edgy, and incredibly modern, the industrial style of interior design may just be too over the top for most homeowners. But that’s definitely not the case for the 8 Singaporean homeowners who found their unique ways of incorporating this special design style into their homes.

Keen on an industrial style themed interior design for your new home? Don’t forget to check out our list of #industrialvibes homes for inspiration! 

From homes that make use of some industrial sensibilities here and there to those that go industrial all the way, we have it all.

Interior Design Firm: Ciseern
Interior Design Firm: Ciseern

Mix and Match

Can’t decide on just one theme for your home? Then how about combining your favourite two? And that’s how this fascinating combination of modern minimalist and industrial design influences came about.

The industrial design influences shine through most strongly in the open kitchen of the home. With dark wooden cabinets, stone countertops, dark overhanging beams, and a cement screed feature wall drawing from the aesthetics of traditional industrial spaces.

On the other hand, the separate dining area gives off a much warmer and even relaxed ambiance, thanks to the smart choice of contrasting wooden furnishing and flooring. But not without a subtle nod to the home’s dominant industrial theme with some exposed lighting fixtures.

Interior Design Firm: Harvest Le Design
Interior Design Firm: Harvest Le Design

Eclectic Industrial

Don’t fancy an industrial style home that ends up looking too sterile like a warehouse space? Not to worry, simply add on your little personal touches of whimsy here and there to make it a fun place to stay in! Well, that’s exactly what this homeowner did!

While the home clearly gives off strong industrial vibes with its dominant dark wood textures, black and metal fixtures that are a common theme throughout the house, there are various pockets of eclectic design choices that are a pleasant surprise!

From the rustic sliding barn house door that greets you upon entry into the house, to the gallery wall of distressed vintage suitcases that double up as functional shelving, this industrial home is definitely one of a kind.

Interior Design Firm: Chew Vision

Colorful Palette

The industrial style is typically associated with a moody and metallic palette of silver, grey bronze, and gold, but if these are not your cup of tea, you can always opt for something more colourful – just like this homeowner!

With an exposed brick wall, metal exposed bulb light fixtures, dark wood furniture, and an open layout, everything is 100% industrial style – safe for the occasional bursts of colour throughout the living space.

In a way, the vibrant greenery and pastel-toned soft furnishings help to balance out the hardness of the industrial interior making it a more homely and comfortable space to live in.

Interior Design Firm: Divine and Glitz

Minimalist Vibes

At first glance, this space seems a lot more minimalistic than it does industrial. And that’s a reasonable design choice for homeowners looking for a more timeless look that can stand the test of time.

But knowing that this is an industrial themed home inspiration list, there are of course industrial design elements that have subtly been incorporated as a compromise. Can you spot them?

From the choice of dark moody colours (dark browns and greys) for the cabinets and walls to the wooden countertops and black plumbing fittings– they are all but a nod to the materials and palette commonly used for the industrial theme.

Interior Design Firm: VIVRE
Interior Design Firm: VIVRE

Authentic Warehouse Experience

This homeowner has spared no expense to transform his home into an authentic industrial space – incorporating almost every element characteristic of industrial themed homes.

The unfinished concrete and exposed brick on the walls that run through the living space to the kitchen, the exposed beams, and lighting fixtures on the ceiling, are a huge part of putting together this special raw and unpolished industrial look. 

Not to mention the choice of predominantly metallic, leather, and wooden furnishings that go perfectly with the theme.

A true model industrial themed home indeed!

Interior Design Firm: Diva

Industrial Gallery

Imagine a cross between an artsy commune and an industrial space. That is exactly what this homeowner was going for.

As the traditional sense of industrial homes does not give much allowance for personal touches of art, with design mostly pared down to the basics, the homeowners decided to go with their own interpretation of the theme. 

The new style keeps some core elements of the industrial look – with distressed leather, metal, and wooden furnishings to accessorize the space and a wooden TV feature wall while mixing it up with fun pieces of art around.

Interior Design Firm: Space Atelier
Interior Design Firm: Space Atelier

Informal Fun

People rarely associate the industrial theme with fun, but the homeowners in this case decided to incorporate some quirky and fun elements for their own interpretation.

At the glance, the home looks traditionally industrial themed – from the exposed lighting fixtures across the ceilings, pendant lighting, the sprawling stone tiled floors, exposed brick feature walls, and more.

That is until you notice the pastel blue couch, the bright blue shelving in the living room, and the neon yellow cabinet in the dining space – little doses of unexpected fun throughout the home.

Interior Design Firm: Ark-hitecture
Interior Design Firm: Ark-hitecture

Luxe Man Cave

Featuring an industrial colour palette, and carefully selected design elements without being overtly industrial, this homeowner manages to achieve the perfect balance of contemporary industrial design for his luxe man cave.

Subtle choices like contemporary metal-framed bar stools, the light cement screeded kitchen walls, and exposed metal hood are sleek nods to the industrial theme.

Doing away with the conventional closed layout of most Singaporean homes, the design also deliberately incorporates little to no dividing walls for a spacious open layout.

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