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5 Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Flooring

Here’s a question for you: Whereabouts in your home do you think experiences the biggest wear and tear daily? 



The answer for most homes? The floors. Every single day, without a break, we walk all over them, spill stuff over them, scratch them by moving heavy furniture across them, and that’s just for households without children or pets.

Expectedly, most types of flooring will buckle under such wear and tear over time and will need to be replaced. But the big question is, when?

Read on for some of the common tell-tale signs that indicate you should not put off a flooring replacement any longer.

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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Should Change Your Flooring

Noticeable Signs of Wear and Tear

When the flooring starts to look bad, it is a clear sign that it’s high time for a replacement. 

So, what does noticeable signs of wear and tear look like? 

  • Visible deep scratches or cracks in the flooring are not only aesthetically unpleasing, but also can trap food, dust, and dirt over time, and if there are sharp edges could injure you while walking around.
  • Stubborn stained spots, matting, or tears in the carpet may make your home look dirtier and unkempt and are usually difficult to repair.
  • Warping, splitting, buckling of laminates due to water damage, moisture, or loosening of adhesives.
  • Chipping, cracking and even loosening of tiles can be dangerous to have on the floor.

Discoloured Flooring

Notice that significant patches or parts of your flooring are inconsistent with the other parts of the house? This discolouration could cause your home to look soiled and dated even if it really isn’t.

Consider a deep clean or polish if you don’t want to opt for a full face-lift just yet. But if it’s still looking the same after chemical treatment, then it’s a sign that a replacement is long over-due. 

This is the case for all kinds of flooring types – from vinyl, hardwood, and tiles to carpets.

Weird Odours

If you find that there’s a weird odour coming from the flooring in your home, it could be because of a few reasons – from water damage resulting in mould and mildew to bodily discharges from children or pets.

For many such cases, a deep cleanse should do the trick. But if you still find that the odours persist, then it could mean that the issue is too deep-rooted, and the entire flooring should be replaced to get rid of it for good.

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Giving The Home A Face-Lift

Hot tip: One of the best ways to give your home a quick facelift is by replacing the flooring! You’ll be surprised by how different a home can look with an updated flooring style.

Give the walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint, and update a few furnishings here and there, and it’ll be like you have a completely new home!

Popular Types of Flooring Types in Singapore

Looking to change things up with your flooring and wondering what’s the best option that you should choose? Here are some of our top choices that work best in Singapore’s humid weather.

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Tiles – Affordable and Wide Variety

Whether you’re looking at ceramic, or porcelain tiles, floor tiles these days come with finishes that are moisture and scratch resistant so that you don’t have to worry about long-term maintenance. 

Being the traditional choice of flooring for HDB homes for years, they come in a huge range of colours, designs, and textures that allows you to fit almost any interior aesthetic.

For homes with elderly and children, non-slip tiles are now also increasingly popular for usage in wet areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Did we also mention that they are also one of the most budget-friendly options out there? 

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Wood – Warm Aesthetic and Provides Good Noise Absorption

Many recent popular interior trends like Scandinavian styles and Muji-inspired minimalist styles incorporate wood flooring for a warm look that evokes a comfortable and natural atmosphere in the home.

As a flooring material, normal wood flooring and even parquet flooring is hardy but generally not particularly durable nor easy to maintain material – particularly due to their lack of resistance to humidity. 

The good news? There are many “wood” alternatives that you can consider – like engineered hardwood flooring which is impossible to tell apart from hardwood but is a lot more durable and water-resistant than its natural counterpart.

Laminate – The New Versatile Yet Cost-Effective Option

Imagine printing any design you want on your flooring. Laminate flooring is the closest you can get to that! A new synthetic material that allows you to recreate the looks of expensive flooring types (like wood, marble, stone and more) without the sky-high cost. No wonder it’s gaining popularity these days.

What’s more, because it is bonded with resins over a wood by-product core, it is resistant to stains and water, although it should be noted that you should not clean laminated flooring with a wet mop.

Keen on exploring laminate options? Don’t forget to check out our partner Envision Wrap and their offers to get a special discount!

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