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7 Stunning Wood-Themed Homes That’ll Make You Want One Too

Wood-themed homes are all the rage these days! Whether you are a fan of Scandinavian interiors or minimalistic Japanese homes, you are likely to find significant wooden elements in various popular interior design styles. 

Keen to incorporate wood elements into your home design too? Get inspired by how 7 Singaporean homeowners have managed to transform their homes with this popular natural and incredibly versatile material in various styles.

Interior Design Firm: Harvest Le Design

Zen-Like Comfort

Going for a luxurious yet comfortable look and feel for the bedroom? Wooden elements are great in bringing out that Zen-like and relaxing environment that is ideal for a good night’s sleep.

Don’t forget to mix and match darker flooring and lighter shades of furniture textures to achieve an interesting interplay of visual design.

Interior Design Firm: 9 Atelier
Interior Design Firm: 9 Atelier

Bright and Airy

Want to achieve a more spacious, bright, and airy interior? This homeowner chose the smart pairing of a variety of light-toned wood textures for the furniture and panelling with glossy neutral-coloured tiles to help emphasize the natural light in the space.

And that’s not all, to keep the space from looking too monochromatic, the space is interspersed with varying tones of wooden laminates to give visual contrast.

Interior Design Firm: 96 Degree

Timeless Aesthetic

White walls and a rustic style wooden textured flooring pair perfectly with, lighting, kitchen, and dining furniture with touches of wooden accents for a timeless aesthetic. 

To add a pop of contrast, the homeowner opted for a distinct marble tabletop and some houseplants to liven up the space.

Stunning Wood-Themed Homes That’ll Make You Want One Too
Interior Design Firm: Key Concept
Interior Design Firm: Key Concept

Simplicity At Its Best

Utilizing the classic muted Scandinavian colour palettes of light and warm wood, greys, and whites galore, the homeowner has brought out the best in the space with the abundance of natural light filtering through the large windows. 

A great pairing of textures and colours all around that allows the space to shine in its simplicity and lack of visual clutter.

Interior Design Firm: RichField

Warm Sophistication 

Having a sprawling ceiling to floor wooden panelling as a feature wall instantly draws your attention when entering the room as well as adding warmth and a touch of sophistication to the living space. 

Not to mention the accompanying soft warm lighting, that helps to elevate the relaxing ambiance. 

Interior Design Firm: D’Brain


The clean sleek lines of the wood shelving, panelling as well as matching kitchen furniture laminates ties everything together in this warm and cosy kitchen/dining space, giving off a Muji-esque feel.

Wood & White

The classic pairing of wood and white can never go wrong as seen perfectly executed in this home’s sleek and minimalist design.

The dark flooring and furniture laminates are an ideal contrast to the white exteriors, walls, and ceilings – achieving a very well-balanced space.

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