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A Simple Guide to Eclectic Interior Design (A.k.a Cluttercore or Organized Chaos!)

Tired of the austere and scant interiors inspired by Scandinavian or Japanese minimalist design principles where every less is more? Let us introduce you to an interior design style on the opposite end of the spectrum – eclectic interior design (also recently trending as “cluttercore” on social media)!

What is Cluttercore or Eclectic Interior Design?

As the title of this article suggests, eclectic interior design, or cluttercore, is all about embracing organised chaos and a maximalist, bold, and yet organic approach to design.  

As a design style, it does not adhere to strict design principles as most other styles are governed by – but rather combines elements artfully from a mixture of multiple styles together.

In contrast with the minimalist style, where decluttering is key, cluttercore turns the tables around and celebrates the meaningful items and objects that fill our homes as part of our personalities – not something to be tucked away or discarded.

How To Pull Off an Eclectic Space in Your Home?

Without strict design principles that govern this unique style, the eclectic interior design style is one that allows for significant creative freedom. 

But before you jump right into it, here are some expert tips to help you incorporate the cluttercore aesthetic without having your home end up looking like a junkyard.

Start Slow

There is no need to start buying a ton of items just to fill up the space. Instead, take the time to shop for and collect pieces of furniture and home décor that you love and reflect your personality.

Incorporating your pieces one at a time provides you the much-needed time to work out where these items should go in the space. Remember, that the “mess” is intentional, meaning that you should be taking time to work out where each element should go so that it can be admired as it is supposed to.

Mix and Match

The best part about this design style is that you don’t need to be confined to any specific style, size, or theme. Instead, it is all about mixing and matching.

Apart from the visual interest that unexpected matches inevitably create, the lack of uniformity also helps to create layered effects that work to open the space.

Whether you are mixing and matching patterns, prints, textures, modern or vintage items, or even style genres, keep these tips in mind to ensure it doesn’t become too overwhelming:

  • Use a unifying colour to bring together the various disparate elements
  • Incorporate negative space (whether it is neutral colours or blank spaces) to avoid overwhelming the senses or looking too cluttered
  • Decide on a focal point or centrepiece of the space so that the eye is eventually drawn to this spot amidst the “clutter” and distracts from it – just like the photo gallery wall with a striking mirror that immediately catches your eye in the home below.
Interior Design Firm: Interior Times Design

Incorporate Things You Love

The heart of cluttercore is sentimentality – focusing on the things that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

The idea of incorporating meaningful and sentimental objects in our interiors not only showcases our personality but is also truly what makes a house a home.

So go ahead and proudly display the things that you love – whether it is your Hello Kitty plush toy collections, the collection of Starbucks mugs you collect at every holiday destination, and more… 

Need some actual inspiration? Check out how this loving couple put up their wedding well-wishes from friends and family on the wall as a display centrepiece and a wonderful reminder of their big day.

Interior Design Firm: Interiio

The Odd Number Rule

This is not so much of a rule but rather a tip for making your items in the space look more visually appealing.

Our brain works in a weird way where odd-numbered items force our eyes to move around more than even-numbered ones. 

Here are some tips on how you can incorporate it into your interior design:

  • Artwork or photo frames should always be hung in odd numbers
  • Placing items on a table for décor? Find at least three of them to make an appealing collection.
  • Arranging pillows or cushions on your sofas and beds? Go with threes or odd numbers
  • Use 3 colours in a room to help it feel fuller and complete

Can you spot the odd-numbered items in this space below?

Interior Design Firm: First Class interior

Keep Things Balanced

Having too many different types of objects in a room can easily get overwhelming. And that is why balance is key.

Here are some tips to ensure that the space is kept balanced despite the many clashing elements in it:

  • Opting for a complex pattern? Balance it out with a neutral palette instead.
  • Have only one item in the room in a clashing style with the other objects? Find more furniture or accessories in that same style to help balance out the other contrasting styles.
  • Incorporating many synthetic and modern elements in the room like metals, sleek surfaces, and bold colours? Balance it out with natural greenery instead for more harmony as seen in the space below.
Interior Design Firm: Promesa Artz Studio

All About Colours and Textures

An eclectic space is hardly one without a variety of colours and textures in place. Not only does it provide visual contrast, but it also helps to tone down or dial up the atmosphere you are going for in the room.

Just take a look at this eclectically designed space, where the contrasting colours of black and orange work interesting well with a predominantly neutral colour palette while looking perfectly “put-together” at the end.

Ready To Create Your “Cluttercore” Home?

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Look no further. Our Redbrick Home’s algorithm-powered matchmaker, IDMate is the solution you are looking for! Simply head over, enter your requirements, and press a button to match with our talented IDs who can help you design your eclectic interior home today!

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