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Do You Need to Renovate Your Resale MOP HDB Flat?

Wondering whether you need to renovate your new resale MOP HDB flat that is about 5 years old and can’t make up your mind?

Well, at Redbrick Homes, we want to help homeowners like yourself, so we surveyed our pool of professional IDs in Singapore and came up with 4 determining factors to help you decide if you should go ahead with renovations or not.

Here are the 4 factors to help you consider if you should proceed with renovation or not:

  • Do you have the budget?
  • Do you need a break between searching, buying, and moving houses?
  • What is the current state of the MOP unit?
  • Is the style of the MOP unit something you would like to live in for the next 5 -10 years?

Read on to learn more about each factor!

Interior Design Firm: The Interior Lab

Do You Have the Budget?

Buying a resale flat is usually a hefty financial commitment, and especially for MOP units that are “newer” and hence more expensive. 

So, the first and most important question to ask yourself would be whether you have enough budget to proceed with the renovations even if you wanted to.

Do keep in mind that renovations for resale flats (MOP or otherwise) tend to be more costly than BTO flats! The reason? To change anything in a resale, it will likely involve hacking away existing walls, flooring, or carpentry before you can rebuild anything.

Check out our article, “The Ultimate Renovation Budget Guide for Homeowners” to learn about the expected budget for resale flats and come up with a realistic budget based on your needs.

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Do You Need a Break Between Searching, Buying, and Moving Houses?

Having gone through the experience of looking for a new house every other weekend with an agent, finding one, and having to go through all the administrative hassle and all, we know that it can be exhausting.

If you feel like you are not up for another round of stress with renovations immediately after, then we highly recommend that you take a break before commencing. You can even move in first to get a better sense of what your needs might be, before starting renovations.

Alternatively, you can find a trusted ID partner via Redbrick Homes, who can oversee the entire renovation project for you without too much effort on your end.

Interior Design Firm: D'Art Interior

What is The State of The Current MOP Unit?

While most MOP units are usually occupied for around 5 years before being sold, that is not to say that they are all in pristine condition.

The condition of any resale flat is highly dependent on its previous owner and their living habits. So, make sure you do a detailed inspection of the state of wear and tear of the unit before you decide if the renovation is a MUST or a WANT.

Here are some things to look out for during your inspection:

  • Highly utilized areas like the kitchen and bathrooms – Check if the wall tiles and flooring are still in good condition (not coming loose and still have its waterproofing layer intact).
  • Walls – Do you see cracks, chips, peeling paint, or mouldy patches? 
  • Sanitary fixtures – What is the condition of the sinks, showerheads, toilet bowls? Are they grimy, rusting, or even leaking?
  • Aircon – Have the air conditioning units been regularly serviced and are they working well?
  • Power points – Are there sufficient power points in the flat for your needs? 

If the current state of the unit is still in good condition, then you might just be able to hold off on renovations for the time being and save up for a more major facelift down the road.

However, if there are significant issues with the unit that are already surfacing, then we would highly recommend that you tackle it head-on before moving in to avoid more problems in the future.

Interior Design Firm: Brickwood Studio

Is the Style of the MOP unit Something You Like?

The last factor may be a subjective one, but it is an important one to consider. After all, you will be living in the space for the next 5 – 10 years or even more.

If you bought the MOP unit because you liked the location, or because of an attractive price, then the interior design might not have been your top priority during the purchase.

However, now that you are going to be living in it (especially if it is for the long term), then it makes sense to ensure that the interior design suits your personality and needs.

Want to update the interior design of your new MOP flat? Here are some trendy styles and ideas to consider:

Decided To Go Ahead with Renovation? Here’s What You Should Do Next!

Here are 3 simple steps you should follow for a hassle-free renovation process of your resale MOP flat:

  1. Start with a realistic budget and calibrate what can and cannot be done based on your budget.
  2. Set aside a reasonable timeline – Typically you should start reaching out to IDs or contractors at least 6 months before the date you expect to kickstart the process.
  3. Screen and select a trustworthy ID or contractor to help you revamp your new place.


Wondering how to find a dependable ID after hearing about all the horror stories from your friends, colleagues, or even the news

We at Redbrick Homes can help! Simply head over to our website and use our ID Mate proprietary search algorithm, to help you find your ideal ID match with a simple click of a button.

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