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4 Considerations Before Renovating Your Bathroom in Singapore

Planning a house renovation? When thinking about your home interior design, the first parts of your home that will come to mind are most likely the living room, bedroom, and dining room. While these are some of the largest areas of your home, another space that is equally important, yet seldom thought of is the bathroom.

A well-designed bathroom with a good layout can promote relaxation while you’re using it, add convenience to your morning and night routines, and even help to improve your quality of life. In this article, we talk about all the things you need to consider before renovating your bathroom.

1. Bathroom Layout & Features

The layout of your bathroom can either offer convenience or add trouble to your daily life. However, due to space limitations in most Singapore HDB flats, the variety of bathroom layouts you can consider is narrowed down to a typical few.

When planning your bathroom layout, consider your movement and necessary features during preparation.

For instance, if you typically complete your grooming routine in the bathroom, ensure ample space for comfortable movement and sufficient storage for your essentials. Think about incorporating a shower bench or a compact stool that can be easily stored under your sink or vanity, allowing you to complete tasks while seated.

If you have family members who get ready around the same time, you may consider segregating spaces in your bathroom such that while someone is showering, another person can use the toilet or sink.

2. Materials

The bathroom is a space prone to water accumulation and moisture damage, making it crucial to select materials that can withstand these conditions. It’s also essential that these materials are easy to maintain and safe to use, especially when wet, to prevent accidents. Here are our top recommendations for bathroom materials

Cabinets: Opt for quality materials like Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) or furniture-grade plywood. These choices are known for their resistance to moisture, ensuring that your cabinets remain in excellent condition even in a humid environment. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for your bathroom storage needs.

Countertops: Consider materials such as quartz or sintered stone for your bathroom countertops. These options not only offer exceptional durability but are also highly resistant to water damage. They provide a solid and non-porous surface that is easy to wipe down and maintain. Plus, their sleek appearance can elevate the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Shower Screens or Dividers: When it comes to your shower area, invest in high-quality glass screens or dividers. High-quality glass is not only visually appealing but also ensures that water remains enclosed within the shower space. This prevents water from splashing onto the bathroom floor, reducing the risk of slipping accidents.

Floors and Walls: For bathroom floors and walls, glazed porcelain tiles are an excellent choice. These tiles are specifically designed to withstand moisture and are easy to clean. Their glazed surface provides an added layer of protection against water, making them ideal for bathroom applications. Moreover, they come in a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to personalize your bathroom’s look

Weatherizing means closing off any air leaks or cracks in your home’s exterior. Caulking and sealing doors, windows, and other openings will reduce drafts and keep the space warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Check the roofing, too. Missing or broken shingles create air leaks that disrupt the HVAC system’s performance. An old roof is less energy efficient. Opt for a greener option as it has more insulation. You’ll also reduce the formation of ice dams in winter.

3. Bathroom Fixtures

Another crucial aspect to deliberate when planning your bathroom renovation is the selection of fixtures, including taps, showers, toilet flush systems, and more. Your choice here will largely depend on your priorities whether you prioritize comfort and luxury or are more inclined towards water conservation. However, regardless of your preferences, it’s paramount that these fixtures are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

Prioritizing Comfort: If your aim is to create a bathroom space that exudes comfort and luxury, you might opt for fixtures that offer features like adjustable water temperature, high-pressure showers, and sensor-activated faucets. These choices can elevate your bathing experience and make your bathroom a haven of relaxation.

Prioritizing Water Conservation: On the other hand, if you are environmentally conscious and wish to reduce water consumption, consider fixtures designed for water efficiency. Look for low-flow faucets, showerheads, and dual-flush toilet systems. These fixtures are designed to minimize water wastage while still providing a satisfying and efficient performance.

Above all, your chosen fixtures should be functional and easy to use. Nothing is more frustrating than struggling with poorly designed taps or showers. User friendly fixtures enhance the overall convenience and functionality of your bathroom.

4. Design Style

Lastly, consider how you’d like your home to look before deciding what to do with your bathroom. Try your best to match your bathroom interior with the rest of your home to create a cohesive look. For example, if every other part of your home is decorated in a Scandinavian style, you’d want the same applied to your bathroom. While it is occasionally fine to have various parts of your home styled differently, large differences will only create dramatic contrasts that do not look good to the eye.

The bathroom is where we begin and end our day with a nice warm bath or a little pampering session, and the way it is designed should help enhance your life, not bring you stress. Therefore, one should always pay attention to their home bathroom during house renovations.

Designing your dream home can be an exciting journey, but it can also be overwhelming. With so many options and styles available, it can be challenging to decide what is best for you and your family. However, by considering factors such as functionality, color palette, furniture, materials, and personal style, you can create a space that is not only beautiful but also practical and comfortable.

When it comes to achieving a successful interior design project, choosing a provider with a rock-solid reputation and exceptional skills is paramount. At Redbrick Homes, we understand that inspiration is key. That’s why our top-quality interior design partners are ready to wow you with beautiful, personalized spaces brimming with exceptional Singaporean ideas.

Remember to take your time, do your research, and work with a professional if needed. With the right interior design choices, you can transform your house into a dream home that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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