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Home Interior Design Styles Inspired by The Twelve Horoscope Signs

Feeling uninspired after searching for ages online for potential home interior design styles to emulate for your new home? Here’s a fun idea! Why not consider taking inspiration from the stars, or more accurately your horoscope sign, and let them guide your interior designs based on your astrological traits?

In this fun piece, our designers give their interior design recommendations based on what each star sign is all about.

Read on and get inspired! 

Interior Design Firm: Matterstudios

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

A spirited fire sign, Aries is all about passion, confidence, and even risk-taking! 

With a bold personality like this, it’s hard to imagine Aries with a cookie-cutter or minimalist home. Instead, Aries are drawn toward bright colour palettes, bold accessorizing, contemporary, and daring styles that reflect their passion for life.

Not forgetting that Aries is a social butterfly, your interior design must take into consideration the importance of social spaces for gatherings with friends and families.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Anything contemporary and bold
  • Colours: A bright palette – think pops of colour like vermilion, neon pinks, or aquamarine
  • Décor Must-Haves: A bold feature wall, prints, contemporary artwork, statement pieces for lighting or furniture pieces
Interior Design Firm: IH Design

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

An Earth sign ruled by the planet of love and opulence, Venus, Taurus is all about nature, romance, and luxury. 

Sensual, hedonistic yet rooted in nature, a Taurus individual feels most content when they are in relaxing and comfortable environments that indulge their senses. Think cosy and luxurious textures like silks, cashmere, and wool that offer a comfy tactile experience, mood lightning that sets the tone in the house, and most importantly natural materials like wood, and stone that appeals to their love for nature.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Romantic rustic 
  • Colours: A soft, romantic, and usually feminine palette of baby pinks, cream, copper, and gold
  • Décor Must-Haves: Cosy textile or wood-based furniture, plush accessorizes, floral or plant accents
Interior Design Firm: Apex Studio

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

An incredibly open and curious air sign, Gemini’s dual personality as symbolized by the twins, tells the tale of an undecided personality that juggles a variety of interests.

Like their dual-sided personality, a Gemini’s home is likely to reflect both extremes – the creative and curious side that enjoys exploring new things and experiences and the other side that desires a quiet and peaceful sanctuary from this organized chaos.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Eclectic but with a room reserved for rest and relaxation
  • Colours: A white or simple neutral colour to serve as a backdrop for a colour collection of keepsakes and more
  • Décor Must-Haves: A photo or artwork gallery wall, a display cabinet, plenty of storage for memorabilia of their experiences in life
Interior Design Firm: Omni Design

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

A sensitive and sentimental water sign, Cancers treasure home and family above everything else. To them, home is a safe haven for them to retreat to and enjoy the pleasures of family life.

In terms of interior design style, this means comfort is of utmost importance. So that means cosy personal spaces, soft furnishings for ultimate relaxation, and neutral soothing colours that create a calming and serene atmosphere.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Scandinavian 
  • Colours: Neutral calming palette of blues, whites, greys, and natural woods
  • Décor Must-Haves: Soft furnishings, family pictures, large dining space and entertaining area for family time, and scented candles, or diffusers
Interior Design Firm: Miracle Design Studio

Leo (July 23 to Aug 22)

A vivacious and loud fire sign, Leos are drawn toward flashy opulence, bold colours, and statement pieces that put them and their home in the centre of everyone’s attention.

This means expensive materials like marble and velvet, regal colours like royal blues and purple with a touch of gold accents, and swanky furnishings so that they can indulge in the finer things in life in the comfort of their own home.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Luxurious 
  • Colours: Bold and regal royal palette of blues, purple, red, and gold
  • Décor Must-Haves: Oversized furniture, bold statement wall, luxurious finishings, artwork, and gilded mirrors
Interior Design Firm: The Real Design

Virgo (Aug 23 to Sep 22)

A methodical and systematic earth sign, Virgos are well known to be sticklers for perfection and being organized.

Translating the need for control and being meticulously organised into interior design can only mean one thing – a minimalist interior design style. Only by keeping everything simple and neutral can Virgos truly relax in their own home.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Modern minimalist
  • Colours: Neutral and earthy colour palette of whites, cream, grey, and wooden tones
  • Décor Must-Haves: Wood or stone-based furnishings, hidden storage spaces, matching practical and simple furniture
Interior Design Firm: Comuna Interiors

Libra (Sep 23 to Oct 22)

A social air sign known for their obsession with symmetry and harmony in their lives, Libras are always striving for balance in everything they do – and their home interior design style is no exception.

To achieve that means a balance between extreme design styles, not being too ornate or too minimalist. At the same time, it is important to reflect Libra’s love for the finer things in life like high art, music, or even vintage pieces.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Modern Classic 
  • Colours: Usually neutral palette with whites, greys, blacks, and browns with gold accents
  • Décor Must-Haves: Vintage furniture or fixtures, romantic motifs like florals, gold or bronze detailing, and wall panelling
renovation guide and checklist for a minimalist white kitchen
Interior Design Firm: R + R Design Studio

Scorpio (Oct 23 to Nov 21)

An enigmatic, dark, and sensual water sign, Scorpios are drawn toward darkness and mysteries which result in their intense nature.

When it comes to interior design style preferences, their penchant for dark and dramatic themes is what draws them to styles like the industrial or even Victorian Gothic aesthetic.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Modern industrial or Victorian Gothic 
  • Colours: Dark palette dominated by blacks, blues, greens, and greys with metallic accents
  • Décor Must-Haves: Refurbished vintage furniture, ornate fixtures, leather sofa, metallic accessories like bare lightbulbs, and raw finishing like exposed brick walls
Interior Design Firm: Woodcraft interior Design

Sagittarius (Nov 22 to Dec 21)

A free-spirited and adventurous fire sign, Sagittarius is always eager for their next adventure.

Their love for adventure and travel will be a key element reflected in their homes. Their nomadic nature meshes perfectly with the bohemian interior design style that is carefree, personal, and relaxed while incorporating elements of nature and unique personal keepsakes.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Bohemian 
  • Colours: Eclectic palette that works against a neutral backdrop of whites, cream, and tan
  • Décor Must-Haves: Dream catchers, display cabinets for travel souvenirs, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture from their travels, and rattan, wicker, bamboo, or wood furniture.
Interior Design Firm: Eight Design

Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 19)

A practical and conservative earth sign, Capricorns are known to be natural-born leaders who are grounded in everything they do.

Driven by their innate belief in function over form, Capricorns tend to lean towards more classic and timeless interior designs that offer comfort and reliability rather than hop on the latest trends.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Traditional or Classic
  • Colours: Earthy palette of whites, greys, wood
  • Décor Must-Haves: High-quality handcrafted furniture pieces, comfortable armchairs, plush carpeting or rugs, and a large work desk
Interior Design Firm: AvantGarde Collections

Aquarius (Jan 20 to Feb 18)

A free-spirited and nonconformist air sign, Aquarius is all about being unconventional and being at the forefront of the latest cutting-edge trends.

Aquarius’s radical and experimental personality is a perfect match for the Avant-garde interior design style – innovative, daring, and defying traditional design rules and principles. This means you can expect the unexpected – from the incorporation of new revolutionary materials, and the latest technology to the juxtaposition of textures or colours.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Avant-garde
  • Colours: Vibrant palette
  • Décor Must-Haves: Statement pieces of furnishing, latest home technology, bold patterns and designs, multipurpose fixtures, and more
Interior Design Firm: Divine & Glitz Design

Pisces (Feb 19 to Mar 20)

A sensitive and spiritual water sign, Pisces are creative and artistic dreamers who are often exploring their fantastical inner worlds.

Because of this, Pisces love to keep their personal space as calm and relaxing as possible for them to indulge in their whimsical fantasies. This means a minimalist Nordic style, with bright and airy spaces, warm and cosy textures that keep the space inviting and comfortable.

Interior Design Elements to Consider:

  • Overall Style: Scandinavian or Japandi
  • Colours: Neutral palette of calming whites, wood, and greys
  • Décor Must-Haves: Simple organic decorative pieces, natural materials like wood and wool, sufficient storage to keep the space clutter-free, soft furnishings like textiles and pillows

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